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Unfortunatly we are closed for new business for 2017.

We are taking a break from new client work for the whole of 2017 as we have decided that we want to spend our next year travelling, building tools and helping small businesses to build their own businesses in this Digital Space.

This was not an easy decision for me as the founder and CEO of Fosker Media to make but we know that while we travel managing different time zones would become a become a hard thing to achieve effectively.

So for the next year we will not be available for new client work if you need a website built or an online marketing company, we recommend these guys Kindle Brand Stewards, Ridge Web, Softice IT(Software company) and Plus Narrative these are favourite companies based in Durban.

If you would like to learn out how to build your online presence in the new year be sure to check out Beginners Online Marketing.

Interested in the tools we are building check out Bolt Themes

Need Help To ?Succedd Online?

Bolt Theme

We build third party child themes & plugins for the WordPress theme called Divi, if you are building your own website you should see if any of our products and Divi could would work for you.
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Beginners Online Marketing

We are building a community of small business owner's who are trying to build their business online, as a digital agency we often see small businesses failing at growing in this digital space, which is why we want to help them grow online.
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