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Open Letter.

Dear business builder,

The internet has changed how we grow our businesses, to grow we need to market our business, but putting an ad in a newspaper will not have the same results, as running ads on social media or search engines.

The thing is that consumers have changed and are no longer placing their attention in the same places that they were 20 years ago.

When your favourite tv show has an ad break, what do you do during an ad break, there a good chance you pick up your phone to check social media.

Are we wrong? Our attention has shifted to our digital devices & so should our marketing efforts, but we understand that online marketing can be difficult for someone who already got so much to get done.

We love helping business owners like you to start growing their businesses online.

how we can help you


Sometimes your business needs some feedback & direction to guide your business to its next chapter, that’s where our consulting will help you gain insight and direction to grow your business.


Marketing your business can consume a lot of your time, that’s why you need a digital marketing partner and that where our services come in, we will take care of your marketing for you.

Do It Yourself

We understand that when starting your business cash flow can be tight and doing it yourself is the best option, that is where our products and events will help, with your business.


What our clients have to say.

  • James and the team at Fosker Media, are a great website design company, that really know their stuff and are always friendly and approachable, I love working with these guys!

    Richard Wynne Cole

  • Fosker Media understood precisely, what we needed for the South African Writer’s Circle website to better serve our members and to provide relevant information, they were on time, gracious and hardworking, I would work with them again.

    Cristy Zinn

  • Without ever meeting James of Fosker Media, he was able to take the mystique out of the internet and effortlessly put together a website for me. It is a clean and effective website that allows me to have an online presence that I would otherwise never have had.

    Jenny Tinmouth

Fosker Media digital agency client Clear Edge
Fosker Media digital agency client City Life
Fosker Media digital agency client Origin Water
Fosker Media digital agency client SOCA
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