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  • James and the team at Fosker Media, are a great website design company, that really know their stuff and are always friendly and approachable, I love working with these guys!

    Richard Wynne Cole

  • Fosker Media understood precisely, what we needed for the South African Writer’s Circle website to better serve our members and to provide relevant information, they were on time, gracious and hardworking, I would work with them again.

    Cristy Zinn

  • Without ever meeting James of Fosker Media, he was able to take the mystique out of the internet and effortlessly put together a website for me. It is a clean and effective website that allows me to have an online presence that I would otherwise never have had.

    Jenny Tinmouth

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5 things your website needs

5 things your website needs

Having a website for your business is essential to unlocking growth in the long term future of your business, as it will serve as your digital home 24/7 ready to welcome visitors in for a cup of tea while you and your team are fast asleep. Here the thing, not all...

Free Covid-19 plugin

Free Covid-19 plugin

If you own a website that has a domain name that ends in .za the government has requested that you add a link to your website which will point to the official South Africa Covid-19 website, somewhere on your website. We can confirm that this is a legitimate...

What businesses get wrong on social

What businesses get wrong on social

The more businesses I talk to lately, the more I hear how social is not working for them and my question to them is what are you sharing? and 90% of the time they are trying to sell. Yes, I know the goal of any business is sales because without sales we can't grow our...

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