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5 things your website needs

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Having a website for your business is essential to unlocking growth in the long term future of your business, as it will serve as your digital home 24/7 ready to welcome visitors in for a cup of tea while you and your team are fast asleep.

Here the thing, not all websites are developed in the same way, but here are five things that your website needs to succeed online.

1. Content Management System

A Content Management System gives you the power to make updates to your website on your own.

WordPress is our personal preference because of its flexibility.

WordPress comes built with two content types built-in, the content types are called Pages & Posts, which allows you to create your main static pages and also allows you to create updates such as blog post.

This feature is extendable through plugins and custom development, which can be great for separating different types of content such as services or even testimonials, which could be a custom post type.

WordPress has many incredible features built-in to it, which is why its the best content management system.

2. Testimonials

Having testimonials on your website is essential for growth online, as testimonials serve as social proof that your business can deliver on the service or product that you are offering to your potential customers.

What would convince you to work with company B over company C? seeing what their client experience was would help you make that decision to work with them.

So how can you afford not to make use of testimonials, they are one of the best ways to convince your site visitors to work with you, so be sure to add testimonials to your website.

3. Responsive design

Responsive design is a technique that web designer code to make your website layout and content to change or resize depending on the device your site visitor is using to view your website.

You should check your website on mobile devices before it goes online, to make sure that it looks good on mobile devices such as your phone & tablets.

4. Blog

You need to have a blog because firstly, Google loves getting new content so much that it will help you gain better rankings in the search engine.

Secondly, when you write a blog post that helps the people visiting your website, they will start to recognize you as an expert in your industry, they are then going to either hire you, refer their friends to you or share your blog post on social media.

Thirdly, if your site visitor shares your post on social media or their website, you will get a backlink, which search engines love because it’s like them voting for you in a competition, the more backlinks you get, the better your rankings will be on search engines.

Having a blog is worth the hard work, as it can add to your website bottom line in so many ways that you really should consider blogging for your business.

5.Ranking optimization

Ranking Optimization makes use of onsite search engine optimization and site speed optimization to improve your website search engine rankings, most people often overlook these two aspects, when launching their website.

Onsite Search Engine Optimization: is the process of going through your website and optimizing it for search engines, such as Google, that look at over 200 factors when ranking a website, which is why you need to do onsite SEO.

Site Speed Optimization: is a process of setting up functions that will allow your website to load as fast as possible so that you can keep your site visitors on your site, search engines consider site speed when it ranks your website.

Ranking Optimization has the potential to skyrocket your business, which is why you need to ask your web developer if they can optimize your website for speed and onsite SEO.

We believe that if your website has these five things implemented correctly, your business will see growth through your website, which at the end of the day is what you want your website to achieve.

Is there something, a website needs that we did not mention? tell us in the comments below

James Fosker is the founder of Fosker Media, he is passionate about building businesses through online marketing through the use of brand building & community.


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