SEO | Fosker Media

Getting your business online is just the first part of the battle to grow your business online, the next part of the battle is being found online.

Which is where Search Engine Optimization comes in, Search engine optimization is a bunch of techniques which helps improve your website to better meet the 200+ ranking factors that Google look for when ranking websites.

Onsite SEO

We will go through your website and make improvements to your content so that it will respond better to what Google is looking for and at the same time make sure it still good for the end user.

Offsite SEO

We will build offsite assets that will help your website to rank better, through getting your website listed on local directories, guest post and building legitimate backlinks to your website.

Page speed optimization

The time it takes your site to load plays an important role for your website rankings.

We will optimize your pages to load as fast as possible.

Let us help you be found online, we know how to rank your website on Search Engines and to improve your rankings.

We will send you a monthly report which will show you what we’ve done in the month and which search terms ranking that have improved in the month.