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Building your restaurant is hard enough without having to work out how you are going to attract patron’s to your restaurant to try out your food.

That where we come in, by helping you to attract new patron’s to your restaurant through creating your brand & attracting attention for your restaurant online.

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How we can help


We can assist you with crafting a brand for your restaurant from logo design all the way through to designing your menu.

Strategy & Consulting

We can help you strategize how you are going to market your restaurant online to attract patron to your restaurant & get them talking about your restaurant.

Website Design

We can design & develop a unique website for your restaurant, that will incorporate your menu and reservation system into your website.

Social media Management

Social Media allows us to build a community for your restaurant, which allows us to put your restaurant where your patron’s attention is.

Email Marketing

Capturing clients email address can be useful as it allows you to land your special directly in your patron inbox.


We can help you advertise on your restaurant on Google & Social media, as well as local food blogs, to help your brand be seen where your patrons are looking.
eat durban

Promote your restaurant on Eat Durban

If your restaurant is based in Durban, you are able to make use of our Eat Durban Brand, which will give you access to thousands of Durbanites looking for good food in Durban.